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A workshop on “The intersection between Pharmacogenomics and Biotechnology” for pharmacy students

On November 1, 2023, a workshop was organized by Dr. Alaa Yehya and Dr. Ali Hmedat, as instructors and researchers in Pharmacogenomics and Biotechnology, respectively.

The workshop aimed to introduce the students to the concepts and applications of the two leading sciences in the field of healthcare. During the workshop, Dr. Yehya gave an interactive lecture on the basic concepts and objectives of pharmacogenomics, and explained how genetic testing can help to personalize drug therapy based on the genetic characteristics of the patients.

 Dr. Hmedat then gave a talk about the concepts, history, and development of biotechnology, and highlighted the various applications of this science in different fields, with a focus on those applications that are related to the pharmaceutical field. At the end of the workshop, questions were asked to test the students’ understanding of the topics covered in the lectures, and prizes were awarded to excellent students. The workshop was planned as one of the events in a series of several events related to the “Rwabitt grant”, which is fosters academic partnership between Jordanian and American universities, sponsored by Fulbright and the American Embassy in Amman.

 In 2023, Dr. Hmedat and Dr. Yehya received the grant along with Dr. Chris Shaffer from the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) in the US.



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