Funded Projects

Funded Projects

Project Name   Funds/Source Investigators

Studying the effect of diversity on the fifth region of translatable parts on the gene responsible for producing the receptor on a response of diabetics of the second type to treat Glimepiride

   19850/ Yarmouk

   *Ala’a Al-jabali

The effect of treatment with gold nanoparticles on the protease gland caused by testosterone in experimental rats

    14650/ Yarmouk

   *Ala’a Al-jabali

Development of the tomato spotted wilt virus as natural nanoparticles for carrying and conducting circuits and molecular imaging

   9690/ Yarmouk

   *Ala’a Al-jabali *Yazan Akkam

   *Osama Abu Rub

Identification of new interactions for (BDNF) (MTHFR) genes in type 2 diabetes patients

   9800/ Yarmouk

   * Alaa Yehya *Ghaith Al-Taani        *Dima AlBals

Studying the effect of Electromagnetic Radiation Represented by Cell phone Towers by Evaluating the Activity of Serum Glutathione s Tansferase and Serumamyloid A

   9415/ Yarmouk

   * Yazan Akkam *  Ala’a Al-jabali    * Osama Abu Rub * Derar                  AlOmari *Hassan Humoud

A study of the fate and toxicity of gold nanoparticles in white mice

   9240 / Yarmouk

   *Osama Abu Rub * Yazan Akkam    * Ala’a Al-jabali 

Carbamazepine use in adults

   7900 / Yarmouk

   * Ghaith Al-Taani

Chromatogrphic Seperation of Different Pharmaceutical Compounds Including Synthetic Cannabinoid Using High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and Gas Chromatography (GC)

   9890 / Yarmouk

   * Dima Al Bals

Brittle crystalline modafinil particles by double slugging technique: effect of ultrasound and microwaves on crystal state 


   15000/ Yarmouk

   *Derar Al Omari

   *Hassan Humoud

Manufacture of antibiotic preparations within nano vehicles to treat bacterial resistance to antibiotics

   9950 / Yarmouk

   *Mohammed Obeid Ayasrah   

   *Ala’a Al-jabali  

The utilization of cowpea mosaic virus as clinical imaging agent

   20000 JD/ Yarmouk

   *Ala’a Al-jabali *Yazan Akkam

Assessment of Jordanian Waters (surface and ground) for Estrogenic Activity: detection and evaluation

   20000 JD/ Yarmouk

   *Yazan Akkam *Ala’a Al-jabali        *Hassan Alhmood                            *Derar Alomari                              *Ibrahim Alabbadi

The effect of mixing the polymers, and the surfactants on the swelling rate, gel evolution, and dimensional changes of the tablets to prepare controlled tablets.

   15000 JD/ Yarmouk

   *Hassan Alhmood *Yazan Akkam    *Yasmien Al-hamzat

Study Drug interactions with pharmaceutical excipients stability of the product using the dry process typecast operations compared to the usual typecast currently used

   15000 JD/ Yarmouk

   *Derar Alomari *Yazan Akkam

The biosynthesis of gold nanoparticles using plant extract and studying it antifungal activity

   15000 JD/ Yarmouk

   *Ala’a Al-jabali *Yazan Akkam        *Osama Abu-alrob


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