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Meeting the Faculty of Pharmacy Staff with New Admitted Students

The welcoming and orientation meeting was held for the new students of the Faculty of pharmacy for the new academic year 2023-2024, under the auspices of the Dean of the faculty Prof. Dr.  Fadia Mayas, in the presence of a number of faculty and administrative staff.

The meeting opened with a reading of Al- Fatiha on the souls of the martyrs in Gaza, then a welcoming speech from the Dean of the college, Prof. Dr. Fadia Mayas welcomed the new students and blessed their admission to the faculty program and urged them to be diligent, persistent, show discipline and good behavior that should prevail among them as colleagues and with faculty staff.

The meeting included honoring students with high grades at the Faculty of Pharmacy from the first year to the fifth year in recognition of their efforts and excellence and to create a state of competition between students and to be an incentive for new students to pay attention to their academic achievement.

During the meeting, an introductory video about the college and its facilities was presented, then the Dean Assistant for Student Affairs, Dr. Ali Hmedat made a presentation for students about the facilities of the college and University and the services provided by the university to students in addition to the most important laws and regulations that must be adhered to on campus.

Then, the vice Dean Dr. Bilal Al-Jaidi spoke about the most important instructions related to the study plan, academic guidance and exams and he ascertained the means of communication with the college administration and faculty members.

Then the heads of the departments at the college introduced the departments of the college and their various courses.

At the end of the meeting, an interactive session was held, in which the Dean of the faculty and the administrative staff answered the student's questions and inquiries.


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