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Yarmouk Pharmacy organizes an awareness campaign entitled “Your awareness protects you”

In line with Yarmouk University’s vision and strategic plan to enhance the community partnerships and within the initiatives of the Faculty of Pharmacy to serve the local community. The faculty organized an awareness school campaign entitled “Your Awareness Protects You” at Edison Model School in Irbid. The campaign was supervised by Dr. Ghina’a Abu Deiab from the Department of Medicinal Chemistry and Phytochemistry, with the participation of a group of faculty members and fifth-year students.

The campaign included awareness-raising among high school students at Edison School about commonly used medications, that include painkillers, stimulants, and hypnotics. The campaign started with a lecture given by Dr. Ghina’a Abu Deiab on how to deal with common medications, their use, side effects, and risks. The school students were educated about the culture of searching for the optimal use of the medicines and the use of safe herbal alternatives. The doctor also explained how to read the internal medicinal leaflet and its sections to know about the appropriate doses according to different age groups and special medical conditions.

The campaign also included workshops and discussions by the faculty students about the groups of medications such as ibuprofen, caffeine, nicotine, and others. During which the school students learned about the reasons for using common medications, their harms, safe alternatives, and how to reduce them at this age stage through pictures and discussions.

The participation of Faculty of Pharmacy students in this campaign was a unique practical experience as community awareness about medicines.


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