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A symposium entitled" Field Pharmaceutical Training"

The Student Activities, Affairs and Guidance Committee at the College of Pharmacy, in cooperation with the Pharmacure student team, held a symposium entitled Field Pharmaceutical Training, delivered by Dr. Bilal Al-Jaidi, Deputy Dean of the College of Pharmacy, in which he reviewed the most important conditions that must be met for the student to begin field training in community pharmacies and how to register with the Jordan Pharmaceutical Association to calculate the training hours.

In his speech, Dr. Bilal also touched on the conditions for registering the field training course in the old study plan and how it differs from the two training courses in the new study plan. Dr. Bilal also reviewed the most important tips during the student’s training in the pharmacy, how to deal with medications, the most commonly followed methods for studying medications during training, and the most important obstacles facing the pharmacy student while in the cummunity pharmacy as a trainee. At the end, Dr. Bilal advised all students not to delay in starting field training in cumminty pharmacies because it supports what the student receives during his studies in college and enhances scientific ability and delivering suitable Pharmaceutical councelling for patient inside the pharmacy.


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