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The Faculty of Pharmacy held the first advisory board meeting with key members from different pharmaceutical and health sectors

The faculty of pharmacy held the first advisory board meeting with key members   from different pharmaceutical and health sectors.

The board was formed under the directives of Yarmouk University presidency to strengthen the partnerships with the local and the international community and achieve effective, sustainable and capable partnerships with various pharmaceutical & health sectors and benefit from the board expertise in improving the faculty program and curriculum through collecting recommendations and feedbacks.

The president of Yarmouk University - the chairman of the faculty of pharmacy advisory board- Prof. Islam Massad stated that the university is moving toward forming advisory boards for all faculties in order to enhance the principle of governance by including experts members with extensive experiences in various governmental and private sectors from Jordan and members from the international community to raise the university and faculty reputation and provide the students and graduates with training and job opportunities.

Dr. Massad added that the advisory boards aim to provide advice and guidance to improve the quality of teaching and research process and evaluate the annual reviews and academic results of students in order to develop the contents of the study plan to be compatible with the needs of the labor market.

The dean of Faculty of Pharmacy Prof. Fadia Mayyas provided a presentation detailing the current status of the faculty and its program, staff and infrastructure.

Dr. Mayyas presented the faculty achievements and current and future plans which go in line with the university strategic plan and economic modernization vision.  Mayyas discussed with the board members different suggestions and plans that would provide the students with helpful training opportunities, skills and experiences that meet the need of the job market. 

The presentation was followed by a broad discussion among the council members, and many proposals and measures were suggested that would improve the quality of the program and link it with the industrial and research sectors to meet the needs of the labor market. The Council expressed its readiness to support and advance the college at Yarmouk University.

The advisory board was distinguished by inclusion of international members from USA and UAE who joined the board via zoom meeting.

The advisory board of the faculty of pharmacy included: -

  1. Dr. Nizar Mhaidat, the head of Jordan food and Drug Administration (JFDA)
  2. Dr. Mohammad Ababneh, the head of pharmacy syndicate
  3. Dr. Rakan Irshaidat, the head of Omnia drug store/ Shawi & Irshidat
  4. Dr. Adnan Badwan, the chair of Arab Union of Manufacturers of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Appliances (AUPM)
  5. Dr. Mamoun Al-hamadsheh: Professor of pharmaceutical chemistry at the university of the Pacific/USA
  6. Dr. Abeer Al-Ghananeem: Associate dean of research/ Sullivan university/ USA
  7. Dr. Karem Al-zoubi: the dean of faculty of Pharmacy at Sharjah university/ UAE
  8. Dr. Asmaa abu Jawayed, the head of quality at al-Hikma
  9. Dr. Rami Alkhateeb, the deputy chairman at Al-Razi group
  10. Dr. lama Al-Nazer, the head of clinical pharmacy at KHCC
  11. Dr. Nadia Al-Omari, the head of pharmacy and training at the Royal Medical Services
  12. Mr. Waseem Al-Najmi, the chair of Jordan Association of pharmaceutical Manufactures (JAPM)
  13. Dr. Shadi Bani Hani, the head of Irbid health directorate.
  14. Dr. Rabab Tayyem, the CEO of ACDEMA company for pharmaceutical research
  15. Dr. Bashar Bataineh, the executive manager of Pella pharmaceutical company 

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