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Student Initiative to Honor the Working Hands in the College of Pharmacy

In a student-led initiative to do good and leave a good impression on the college and its people, a group of fifth-year students at the College of Pharmacy - who are nearing the end of their journey there - organized a warm campaign to honor the working hands in the college's services department, under the message:

"The most influential people in reality are those who are able to wipe away every bad trace and make the place comfortable and safe at all times. In a humble initiative, we wanted to thank those bright hands that can make our college a place suitable for studying every day without boredom."

The dean of the college, Prof. Fadia Mayyas, praised the noble initiative of the students and their appreciation and human feelings and their good feelings towards the dedicated workers in their work. She added that this initiative is an awareness and educational initiative to instill love and respect for the working hands in the hearts of people and to highlight the great effort that cleaning workers make and their role in maintaining the cleanliness and safety of the university, wishing them to continue giving always. The meeting was attended by Vice Dean Dr. Bilal Al-Jaidi and a group of students and workers at the College of Pharmacy


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