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A field visit to Al-Hikma Pharmaceutical Company

 A group of pharmacy students from Yarmouk University (YU) visited the “Analytical Research Department” at Hikma Pharmaceutical Company in October 2023. The visit was a valuable opportunity for the students to learn from one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Jordan and the Middle East. 

The students were welcomed by Mr. Ahmad Alian and Mr. Muhannad Abd Alraheem, two senior analysts who work at the “Analytical Research Department”. They gave the students a brief overview of the department’s functions and objectives, which include developing and validating analytical methods, conducting stability studies, and performing routine testing of raw materials and finished products. The students also learned about the quality standards and regulations that govern the pharmaceutical industry, such as good manufacturing practices (GMP), good laboratory practices (GLP), and international pharmacopoeias.

The visit helped the students to bridge the gap between theory and practice and to enhance their skills and knowledge in pharmaceutical analysis and quality assurance. The students also appreciated the history and achievements of Hikma Pharmaceutical Company and its contribution to the health sector. The students thanked Mr. Alian and Mr. Abd Alraheem for their hospitality and guidance, as well as Dr. Abu Deiab and Dr. Gammoh from the faulty of pharmacy for organizing this visit.



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