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“Recent Trends in Pharmaceutical Research"

The third scientific conference of the Faculty of Pharmacy, "Modern Trends in Pharmaceutical Research" was held on the ninth and tenth days of May, and was inaugurated by the president of Yarmouk University, Dr. Islam Massad. Attended Participants were academics, specialized experts, and representatives from partner sectors like the Ministry of Health, Royal Medical Services, the Jordan Pharmacists Association, the Jordan Food and Drug Administration, and the King Hussein Cancer Center. The conference included an exhibition for several companies and drug stores. Pharmacology, clinical pharmacology, pharmaceutics, nanotechnology, medicinal chemistry, and pharmacognosy were among the other scientific topics covered. A contest for the best scientific poster was also held by the conference committee. The competition featured a large number of postgraduate students from several Jordanian universities. At the close, Prof. Mervat Al-Sous, the dean of pharmacy, presented awards to the top three competitors. Maram Ali Al-Hasban from Zarqa Private University won first prize with her poster, " Evaluation of a Novel Niosomal Anticancer Formulation of Metformin/Celecoxib in in Vitro Breast Cancer Model The second place was won jointly by: Alaa Aziz Abu Dayyeh from the Jordan University of Science and Technology with a poster entitled: Brain Targeting with Nasal Delivery: Enhanced Docetaxel Delivery using Mucoadhesive Coated PLGA Nanoparticles. While Rahma Hussein Al-Shaboul from Yarmouk University with a poster entitled: Study the effect of pain relief medications (Tramadol and Pregabalin) on the gene expression of ABC transporters (ABCB1 and the ABCG2) in mesocorticolimbic regions.

The third place went to Razan Ezzat Nassar from the Applied Science Private University for the poster that was presented under the title: Development and validation of the adherence to asthma medications Questionnaire.



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