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Workshop about Qualifications Placement on the JNQF

The Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy - Yarmouk University, Prof. Mervat Al-Sous participated in the workshop about Qualifications Placement within the Jordan National Qualifications Framework (JNQF) which was held by the cooperation of  Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission for Higher Education Institutions and the German Agency for Development and International Cooperation (GIZ) on 16th of march 2023. 

The workshop focused on the role of JNQF in monitoring the higher education institutions to achieve development and quality in teaching and learning, and to control their outcomes which should be compatible with the needs of the labor market.   

In addition, the workshop explained the concept related to the JNQF that is “hierarchical classification of all levels and types of qualifications and certificates associated with formal or informal education programs, as the national framework consists of 10 levels for each of the academic and professional tracks”. 

On the another hand, many universities showed their experiences in qualifications placement in pharmacy and nursing within the JNQF.



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