Project Name Funds/Source Investigators
The utilization of cowpea mosaic virus as clinical imaging agent 20000 JD/ Yarmouk *Ala’a Al-jabali *Yazan Akkam
Assessment of Jordanian Waters (surface and ground) for Estrogenic Activity: detection and evaluation 20000 JD/ Yarmouk *Yazan Akkam *Ala’a Al-jabali *Hassan Alhmood *Derar Alomari *Ibrahim Alabbadi
The effect of mixing the polymers, and the surfactants on the swelling rate, gel evolution, and dimensional changes of the tablets to prepare controlled tablets. 15000 JD/ Yarmouk *Hassan Alhmood *Yazan Akkam *Yasmien Al-hamzat
Study Drug interactions with pharmaceutical excipients stability of the product using the dry process typecast operations compared to the usual typecast currently used 15000 JD/ Yarmouk *Derar Alomari *Yazan Akkam
The biosynthesis of gold nanoparticles using plant extract and studying it antifungal activity 15000 JD/ Yarmouk *Ala’a Al-jabali *Yazan Akkam *Osama Abu-alrob