As a part of “The Change Day initiative” under the slogan “Medication without harm” that The Health Institutions Accreditation Council launched it, Faculty of Pharmacy at Yarmouk university held a workshop with the Dean Prof. Mervat Al-Sous and vice-dean Dr. Alaa A. Aljabali and Dr. Omar Gammoh , Dr. Rawan Sharedeh and Dr. Dima Al-Bals.

 Dr. Alaa A. Aljabali, Vice Dean, presented an interactive lecture under the title of “Nano-medicine the way to the future”.

 Dr. Omar Gammoh presented an interactive lecture with the title of “ The Jordanian CYP 450

the goal of such workshop is to enhance the student knowledge about the recent studies related to the pharmacy fields in general and to Nano-medicine and Pharmacogenetic as specific fields.