The faculty of Pharmacy organized a meeting for new accepted students in the faculty on Tuesday 11-10-2022 with the Dean Prof. Mervat Al-Sous and a number of faculty members.
Prof. Al-Sous welcomed the new students, then provided an introduction to Yarmouk University and the College of Pharmacy. Besides, Al-Sous proceeded to speak about the university and college missions, vision, goals and values, then the programs offered by the College of Pharmacy.
Dr. Alaa Al-Jabali, Vice Dean, emphasized the students the need to read the Student's Guide and the Code of Conduct to know their rights and duties in order to adhere to the instructions.
Dr. Rawan Al-Sharideh, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, focused on the importance of academic guidance, how to use it, the process for students to communicate with academic departments in the college, and the importance of following up and using the e-learning system periodically.
Dr. Omar Gammoh, Assistant Dean for Quality Affairs, motivates students and encourages them to provide their best and don't miss any chances to do that.
At the end, with a presentation of the experience of one of the faculty students, Obaidah Al-Rawashdeh, explaining to his colleagues how to deal with the qualitative shift between pre-university and during life, and the most important study methods to raise academic achievement, especially in the first year.