The Arab Society for Medical Research, emanating from the institutions of the League of Arab States, held its 8th conference in Port Said / Egypt in the period between 7-10/9/2022 under the title "Medical Research and Health Challenges in the Arab World". Dr. Derar Al-Omari from the College of Pharmacy participated in a research paper entitled "The Jordanian Initiative for the Development of Pediatric Medicines". The paper included the call to establish a center to take care of developing suitable pharmaceutical forms for children, as more than 75% of the medicines available globally do not have suitable pharmaceutical forms for them, especially newborns and young ages of them, which forces doctors to use adult medicines that must be modified (such as grinding tablets) then dissolving it in juice to become suitable for giving it to children. This procedure causes a wide array of problems, from lack of dose adjustment to problems of mixed drug stability. The hoped-for center can be established jointly by several parties, such as universities, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, as well as government agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration. The paper was welcomed and included in the final recommendations of the conference, which will be submitted to the Council of Arab Health Ministers of the League of Arab States.