The College of Pharmacy held an intensive preparatory program for its students expected to graduate in the second and summer semester of the academic year 2020/2021 and the amounts totaling 170 students, which was held over a period of ten days.

 The program was inaugurated by the Dean of the College - Dr. Mervat Al-Sous, who during the first sessions of the program familiarized students with the university aptitude test, its importance, and the general and special fields of knowledge included in the exam. In the same session, students were introduced to the examination procedures and instructions and how to enter the exam platform.

 The program included a number of lectures in different subjects within the specialty of pharmacy such as pharmacokinetics, pharmaceutical microbiology, medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutical calculations, pharmaceutical robotics, pharmacology, therapeutics, pharmacy technology and pharmaceutical manufacturing, and non-prescription drugs .

 Dr. Mervat Al-Sous, Dr. Rawan Al-Sharideh, pharmacist Rasha Bashatoua, Dr. Bilal Al-Jaidi, Dr. Dima Al-Balas, Dr. Ala Mukhaimer, Dr. Hanin Amawi, Dr. Muhammad Obaid Ayasrah and Dr. Saja Al-Nahar held review sessions, each according to his specialization.

 This initiative comes out of the keenness and interest of the university and college administration in the university aptitude examination.