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قصص نجاح

On Monday, November 26th, a cooperation agreement between the president of Yarmouk University, Dr Zidan Kafafi, and the CEO at Pharmacy One, Dr Yousef Fanous, was signed. The agreement provides educational and training opportunities for students at the company's pharmacies under the supervision of faculty members in Pharmacy, which allows for experience exchange between the two parties in the field of continuous pharmaceutical education which in turn will aid in developing pharmaceutical services delivered to the community. Along with signing the agreement, the virtual pharmacy, established by Pharmacy One at the Faculty, was officially opened. The pharmacy is equipped with a display screen, a computer, classroom seats and sample medications. There is also a Drug Information Center included. The signing of the agreement was attended by the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy Dr. Sayer Al-Azzam, with a number of faculty members and officials from both sides.