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قصص نجاح

Dr. Zidane Kafafi; the president of Yarmouk University, hosted a delegation from the College of Pharmacy at the University of Strathclyde, that included Dr. Ibrahim Khadra and Dr. Ruben Pleven. The visit comes to discuss possible cooperation between the two pharmacy colleges at Yarmouk and Strathclyde Universities. Kafafi confirmed Yarmouk's keenness to strengthen its cooperation with Strathclyde in the pharmaceutical field in particular through the exchange of scientific visits to faculty members, the reception of Strathclyde for Yarmouk Pharmacy students, and the possibility of developing a joint program between the two universities to grant a master's degree in pharmacy. For his part, Khadra affirmed Strathclyde's readiness to enhance its cooperation with Yarmouk in the pharmaceutical field. The delegation then completed their tour of the university through a visit to the Faculty of Pharmacy where they met with the faculty's administration and continued their discussions regarding cooperation between the two faculties in supporting graduate programs and extending their research experience.