Prof. Mervat Alsous


Dr. Alaa Aljabali

Vice dean

Dr. Rawan Alsharedeh

Dean assistant for students affairs

Dr. Omar Qammo

Dean assistant for quality assurance

Dr. Meriem Rezigue

Head of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology Department

Dr. Ala' Yehya

Head of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Practice Department

Dr. Bilal Aljaidi

Head of Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy Department

Dr. Ali Hmedat

Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology Department representative

Dr. Ghaith Taani

Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Practice Department representative

Dr. Ghina'a Abu Deiab

Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy Department representative

Dr. Ahmad alrasasi

Local community representative

Dr. Mahdi Alajlouni

Local community representative