The Faculty of Pharmacy at Yarmouk University was established in 2013. Currently we have 29 academic members in addition to the administrative and technical staff. We have about 1200 students, and the number is increasing each year.

We offer a 5-year program of Bachelor's degree in Pharmacy. Our Pharmacy Practice department emphasizes the significance of developing the scientific, professional and social aspects of pharmacy students, in order to qualify them to take an active role in the pharmaceutical care in hospital and community pharmacy settings. Our Pharmaceutical Sciences Department offers a wide range of scientific disciplines that are critical to the discovery, development and delivery of new drugs.

At the Faculty of Pharmacy our students are the most significant asset and investment that we have. Our outstanding academics are preparing students for the future which will bring further promising changes to the pharmacy profession.

The research within our faculty extents the clinical, pharmaceutical, medicinal, delivery of drugs, clinical patient-care, optimization of treatment and pharmacoeconomic aspects of pharmacy.

Pharmacists are the drug experts and directly affect patient care and health outcomes. As a pharmacist there are professional opportunities in public and private sectors within hospitals, community pharmacies, the pharmaceutical industry, marketing, regulatory, research, and academia. The training provided in our Faculty provides the expertise and ability to advance health care among the society in various ways.

As a Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, I am very proud to share information about our program throughout this website. The faculty is committed to provide the highest quality of pharmacy education and training. I invite you to browse our pages and discover the outstanding accomplishments of our academics and students. We welcome your inquiries to the attached email addresses.




Dr. Mervat Musbah Alsous