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قصص نجاح

In collaboration with the Faculty’s Social Committee, the faculty of Pharmacy convened a meeting that included all of its academic, administrative, and technical staff members. The meeting was sponsored by Dr. Mervat Al-Sous, Dean of Pharmacy, and featured a number of occasions, including honoring Dr. Alaa Al-Jabali, who was designated as one of the world's top 2% scientists, Dr. Ghaith Al-Taani for his commendable efforts in administrative work over the past three years, Dr. Alaa Mukhaymar for her promotion to associate professor, recognizing Alaa Al-Tarawneh, a pharmacist, for her work at Yarmouk University and Maimouna Gharaibeh, a coworker, for her work in faculty's computer lab.

During the meeting, two new colleagues were also welcomed: Dr. Maryam Al-Amri, who just joined the Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Practice, and Hala Hussein, a laboratory technician who recently started working at the faculty. The meeting also provided a chance for discussion and follow-up on issues pertaining to the faculty and its administrative, technical, and academic activity.