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قصص نجاح

The ceremony of pharmaceutical section performance was held by The College of Pharmacy for students expected to graduate which was organized by the Student Activities and Affairs Committee, on Thursday 23/6/2022. The ceremony included a speech from the Vice Dean, Dr. Alaa Al-Jabali, who congratulated the students on the occasion of their graduation and shared their happiness, and also stressed the pride of the College of Pharmacy in them. The Assistant Dean for Quality Affairs, Dr. Omar Gammoh addressed his speech to the students, motivating them to continue their approach to reach success and to deal with obstacles and difficulties with intelligence, challenge and determination. On her part, Dr. Rawan Al-Sharideh, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, presented the pharmaceutical section to the students, and the students repeated it afterwards. The meeting was also attended by Dr. Maryam Erzik, d. Bilal Al-Jaidi, pharmacist Rasha Bashatwah and pharmacist Alaa Tarawneh.

Performance video