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قصص نجاح

The college of Pharmacy at Yarmouk University in cooperation with the women's program center - Jerash camp held a free medical day as a  service to the local community out of its belief that we all have a social responsibility towards our community. This day was held on January 8th 2022.

Around 600 patients visited for benefitting from the various established field clinics such as the Pediatric clinic (Dr. Sameer Al- Atoom), ENTclinic (Dr. Abdullah Khatatbah), Dermatology clinic (Dr. Khaled Setan), OB/GYN clinic (Dr. Bayan Salem) and general/internal clinic (Dr. Khaled Ananbeh). A team from the college of Pharmacy dispensed free medicine for the patients that were generously  provided by a group of local pharmaceutical companies. We’re grateful for the support of the participating pharmaceutical companies   including Dar Al-Dawa, Hikma company, TQ Pharma, United company, JOSWE medical, pharma international and Al-Noor Drug store as well as the Pharmacists' Syndicate subcommittee - Irbid.

The organizers of this event and further representatives from the college of Pharmacy have also attended this event including the Dean Dr. Mervat AlSous, the vice-dean Dr. Alaa al Jabali, the heads of the departments Dr. Bilal Al-Jaidi, Dr. Meriem Rezigue and Dr. Ghaith Taani, as well as Dr. Mohammad Obeid, Dr. Rawan Al-Sharideh, Ph. Salam Shannag, Ph. Reem Abu-Hashhash, Ph. Zeina Abu-Rashed and Ph. Afaf Al-Khasawneh accompanied by a group of pharmacy students. The medical day was successful and the audience have requested more of these voluntary days be held due to their great importance.