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Warmly Welcome From The Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy/Yarmouk University

It is my pleasure to warmly welcome you to the Faculty of Pharmacy at Yarmouk University. The faculty has a qualified academic staff, 10 PhD holders), who have graduated from top ranking universities in USA, UK, and other countries. Moreover, 5 of our candidates are pursuing their higher education leading to a PhD in pharmacy. Furthermore the faculty is planning to send more distinguished candidates to top ranked universities worldwide, and in the mean time the faculty is looking for attracting many distinguished PhD holders based on its real needs in the future. The faculty also has high quality research and has always focused its priorities on excellence in teaching and research.

Currently the faculty offers a bachelor program (BSc) in pharmacy including two tracks: Industrial Pharmacy and Business Pharmacy with an enrollment of over 850 students.

The majority of our students plan to go on with their careers in governmental or private pharmaceutical sectors, academic fields or to lead scientific research in pharmaceutical industry. In keeping with this tradition, a strong teaching and leadership experience is an integral part of our program. The teaching experience is designed to give students mentored involvement in education.

We hope that the contributions to knowledge and to the broader community you make during your stay at our faculty will benefit not only you, but Jordan, and your home countries. Our faculty provides you an excellent opportunity to study in a truly international environment in the heart of our beloved country. This kind of international flavor is present not only in the social interactions among students, but also in the classroom teaching. We hope prospective students will find our program attractive and consider joining us here at Yarmouk University for a uniquely fulfilling education.

A special welcome to our international students from different countries, thank you for being interested in our program. You have now joined a life-long learning community. As part of that community, you will be in contact with the best researchers and scholars in the country and indeed the world.

I encourage you to contact the academic departments in the faculty directly and inquire with academic staff there. We can also answer many questions here in the Faculty of Pharmacy. Moreover, if you have any questions regarding the program or admission, do not hesitate to contact me personally at (massadeh@yu.edu.jo and/or pharmacy.fac@yu.edu.jo) or to check the university website www.yu.edu.jo, and then select the Faculty of Pharmacy . We look forward to welcoming you as a member of our community.


Best Wishes

Professor Adnan M. Massadeh

Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy

Yarmouk University

Fax: 00962-2-7211165/3965

Tel. (office): 00992-2-7211111 (ext. 2760)

Email: massadeh@yu.edu.jo