Faculty Events

The Role of Pharmacists in Addiction and Mental Health

Under the sponsorship of the president of Yarmouk University Dr. Zeidan Kafafi, the Faculty of Pharmacy in cooperation with the Deanship of Student Affairs organized a symposium under the title of "Role of Pharmacists in Addiction and Mental Health". The symposium included a lecture entitled "The Role of the Drug Enforcement Administration in Addiction" by Major Anas Tantawi, in which he referred to the role of pharmacist in the fight against drugs. The event included a lecture on mental health presented by Dr. Tarek Al-Hijjawi, Consultant Psychiatrist at Jannati Clinic, a lecture by Dr. Lara Burgan on psychotherapy through music, and a lecture by Dr. Mohamed Nusair on the role of pharmaceutical care in mental health. it also included a sketch by Ahmed Al Sarour about drugs and addiction among our youth and how to fight it.