Faculty Events

- An International Patent for a Researcher in Yarmouk University to Develop 36 Antimicrobial Drugs

Dr. Yazen Al-Akam an academic member in the Faculty of Pharmacy at Yarmouk University obtained a patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office in collaboration with a research team from the University of Arkansas, USA for the development of 36 anti-microbial peptide drugs. Dr. Al-Akam explained that they have developed these peptides for the treatment of fungi and existing Multi-drug resistant bacteria, emphasizing on the fact that these newly developed drugs have minimal toxicity as demonstrated by experiments on human cells and mice's. He added that the patent includes the use of non-conventional peptides to detect microbes and improve methods of drug delivery. Dr. Al-Akam stated that the research wasdone in collaboration with a team from the Faculty of Pharmacy at Yarmouk University which included Dr. Osama Abu Alrub and Dr. AlaaJabali. The drugs were developed to control diabetes and obesity. Peptides were utilized to deliver the drug directly to cell organelles thus increasing effectiveness and reducing toxicity in an unprecedented manner. This project has received initial approval from the Scientific Research Support Fund. It is worth mentioning that Dr. Akam holds a Ph.D. in Cell and Microbiology from the University of Arkansas in 2013.