Faculty Events

- The Faculty of Pharmacy at Yarmouk University Holds a Medical Day at Al-Mafraq

The Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy at Yarmouk University, Prof. AdnanMassadeh, sponsored the activities of the free medical day organized by the faculty in Al Mansheya Comprehensive Secondary School for Girls in Al Mansheya district in Mafraq Governorate. Prof. Al Massadeh said that the organization of this day's activities is part of a series of activities aimed to serve our Jordanian community, in order to let the students interact with the community, get involved in team work and develop their sense of responsibility and faith in the sanctity of the message the pharmacist carries to patients within the integrated medical body to provide the best health services. He added that the included services provide advice and guidance based on a clear scientific methodology on the most common diseases and health problems, and provide appropriate treatment from doctors specialized in various fields supported by a qualified pharmaceutical staff. Dr. Mohammad Nusair, coordinator of the medical day, pointed that necessary medical diagnosis was done in the clinics of general medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, ENT and ophthalmology, in addition to the nutrition clinic. Appropriate medications were also dispensed.Patients were counseled in the appropriate use of their medicationsas well as side effects and drug interactions. The number of patients who benefited from these services exceeded 500. The Director of Education inAl-Mafraq, the Chairman of the Mafraq Chamber of Commerce, the Chairman of the Development Council of ManshiyatBani Hassan, a number of faculty members in the faculty, the head of the school and a number of active localmembers participated.