About the Faculty

About the Faculty

Faculty of Pharmacy was established at Yarmouk University in 2013 offering a bachelor degree of pharmacy after completing (165) credit hours through a five years study program. Graduates of Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences are qualified to be members of "Jordan Pharmaceutical Association" and enabled to obtain a pharmacy practice profession licence from the Jordanian Ministry of Health.


Distinguished pharmaceutical education coping with modern developments in the profession, both locally and regionally, toward qualified pharmacists in the area of pharmaceutical business and industrial pharmacy representing a "cornerstone" in a recognized healthcare system.


The mission of the faculty of pharmacy is to contribute to the comprehensiveness of the university in the education programs, and to achieve excellence in academic and applied pharmaceutical programs based on scientific research through Pharmaceutical Business and Industrial Pharmacy tracks, anticipated to be a complementary to different modern aspects of the profession of pharmacy.


  Academic excellence: seeks excellence in pharmaceutical education, scientific research and serving local and regional community.

  Professionalism and personal integrity: our goal is to create a highly professional generation of pharmacists coping with the current and future directions of the pharmacy profession toward serving the local community honestly taken from Islamic and Arabic cultural values.

  Continuous pharmaceutical education: encouraging continuing pharmaceutical education to keep up with the new developments in the profession, and consequently improve the profession to provide a high-quality pharmaceutical care.


  • Attracting distinguished students for both Pharmaceutical Business (marketing and promotion, economics, legislations, establishing a pharmaceutical organization and managed it) and Industrial Pharmacy.
  • Developing a modern, pioneer and comprehensive study plan for the Faculty of Pharmacy at Yarmouk University that depends on current and future market needs in the pharmaceutical sector particularly business and industry such as marketing, promotion and legislations that complements Jordanian, regional and international universities programs instead of competing with them.
  • Maximize benefiting, optimal and efficient use of resources available at the university such as human resources and equipment to serve students and support their education.
  • Activating cooperation and coordination with the pharmaceutical sectors (industries and business) to fulfill the faculty mission to the community.
  • Promoting awareness among students of the new coming areas of the pharmacy profession.
  • Training students in the pilot plant as well as in different pharmaceutical organizations (factories, drug stores, firms, pharmacies) and specialized pharmaceutical research centers.
  • Graduating qualified and skillful pharmacists to satisfy local, regional and international markets, especially in the area of pharmaceutical business and industrial pharmacy.


 Prof.Dr. Adnan Massadeh

  Phone 2760
  Fax 7211165 / 3965
Dr. Derar Omari

Vice Dean
 Phone 2726
Dr. Alaa Aljabali

Assistant Dean
 Phone 2716